Choosing and Customizing Your Online Card

Choosing your card design:

First you’ll want to choose your card design from the paper browser- you can do this by browsing categories or searching keywords on the homepage:



Once you find a design you like, click to see an expanded view.  You can check out each default element and even see a preview sample.  If you’re ready to start designing, click “Customize” next!



Customizing your card:

Here’s an overview of your Customize page:



The main card image will always appear first on the Customize page.  Clicking the “Next” arrow will help you navigate between your card elements.  Please note that you’ll have to update the text on your card manually, information won’t auto populate on your card for any reason.  To do this, click into the text area- an editable box will appear around the text.  You can change the content, text formatting, and size of the textbox.


To add a photo, click into the photo area (also known as a photomask) or click “Photos” and select an image from the menu


You can also upload a brand new photo by clicking the gold “Add photo” tile in the menu. This will open a search modal for you to browse the files saved on your computer- JPEG/JPG and PNG file-types work best!

Once your image is on your card, you may be able to click and drag it to re-place it within the photomask.  You can change the zoom settings, rotate the image, and add/remove filters by . clicking "Edit photo" at the top of the photo menu. 

Formatting text:

To format your text, you’ll have to first highlight the text you want to change, and then choose the formatting option from the menu on the left.  The menu will open when you click into the textbox, or if you click “Text” to the left of the card image.



You can modify the font/typeface, size, color, horizontal (line) and letter spacing within your textbox.


Most online cards will automatically populate with an envelope. 

Changing your envelope and liner designs is simple! Once you’re viewing the envelope, click on either the liner or the envelope to pull up the menu on the left.  You can scroll through available options, or use the search bar at the top to find specific colors or themes.

You can remove your envelope liner by accessing the liner menu and clicking “remove liner” at the bottom.




Or you can remove the envelope completely by viewing the envelope and opening the “Other options” menu, then choosing “delete this envelope.”  Please note that you won’t be able to remove the envelope unless you’re currently viewing it - that means if you’re viewing the main card or any inserts or the reply card, the option to remove the envelope won’t appear under the “Other options” menu.  The same rule applies for any other elements you may wish to remove.



On the front of your envelope, you can modify the stamp, postmark, and text font/color - however you can’t modify the actual text on your Customize page.  That comes later, when you’re adding your recipient names and addresses to your Send page.

To modify the features on the front of your envelope, simply click on the feature you want to change, and choose from the menu on the left.


Reply card:

You can choose from 5 different reply card options to fit the needs of the event that you’re sending.  They include:

  • Invitation with RSVP
    • For parties or events where you need a headcount or to otherwise collect Will Attend/Will Not Attend replies from your guests
  • Greeting Card
    • For cards to celebrate birthdays, holidays, to say ‘thanks’ or just to let someone know you’re thinking of them, greeting cards don’t explicitly solicit replies from your recipients (although they’ll have the option to send you a quick note if they’d like!).
  • Save the Date
    • Although this type won’t ask your recipients to RSVP, it will allow them to collect some event information, including adding your event details to their calendars. You can include registries and collect additional information from your guests (like their addresses, if you plan to send physical invitations, for example).
  • Announcement
    • Have you moved? Welcomed a new member into your family? Want to let your friends know you’ve eloped? Announcements are quick and easy way to send all information big and small!
  • Card with website link
    • Instead of collecting a reply or RSVP, you can send your recipients to another website (like a wedding website, or a link to purchase tickets) in one click.  You can customize the button your recipients click on the Enter Details page.

To change your reply card option, use the arrow to pull up your reply card, then click “Reply card option” on the left- a menu will open and you’ll be able to choose the type of reply you need.


It’s important to note that if you don’t change your reply card design to a premium option, your recipients will not actually see a reply card when they view the card- that’s ideal for anyone who wishes to remove the reply card image all together.  

If you choose a premium reply card design, the image will appear with your recipient's’ name(s) on it when they view the card, but no buttons or other functionality will display on the card image.  Instead, that functionality will display directly below the card.




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