Customizing your design

To select a design from our collection, choose a category from our home page. You can browse all of our designs, or narrow your search by using filters. You can hover over each design variation to see a preview. Click Customize to get started.




For designs that include a photo, click on "Photos" to the left of the card, then the "Add Photo" button to upload an image from your computer. You can rotate and resize the photo, and add or remove filters. Click the arrow to the right of the design to move forward. 

Click the area with the text to customize the wording on your card. You can highlight the text to enter your own wording and edit the font, size, and color. 




Click the arrow to the right of the design to bring the envelope into view. You can change the color of the envelope and the liner design.You can make changes to the stamp and postmark, as well as the typeface on the envelope.  You'll also have the option to remove the envelope completely. 

Next, you'll set up your Event Details. Here, you can make your guest list private or public, add an additional Rsvp question, set up the number invited per email, and more





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