Are there limitations on printing options?

Due to printer limitations, not all of our online features can be supported on PAPER cards.  Those features will be removed when you convert your online card to PAPER, they include:

  • Metallic colors on the cards and liners when not available in foil stamping.
  • Certain motifs
  • Text effects, such as embossing or letterpress
  • Certain liners or response card designs
  • Photo inserts
  • Multiple inserts (If you need to order more than one insert or response card to go with your invitation, those will need to be ordered through a separate draft)

These elements will be removed when you create a PAPER version from the online version (see instructions here). If you begin with a PAPER version, you will only see the options available for print from the beginning.

(Are you on the App?  Click here for information about creating PAPER invites in our iOS app!)

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