Can I order response cards and inserts?

You can include one insert and one response card along with your PAPER order. These elements can be added on your Customize page by opening the "Other Options" menu that appears to the left of the card image. If you need to order more than one insert or response card to go with your invitation, you can create a second, separate draft, and select quantities of only the elements you need on your Order page. Feel free to contact the PAPER support team here if you need any help setting up your order!

For flat printed designs, paper sizes are as follows:

  • Main card designs are either 5” x 7” (vertical or horizontal) or 5.25” squares.
  • Our envelopes match the size of whichever card you order (they measure an additional 0.25") and are made from 100-pound stock.
  • inserts are 5"x4" or 4"x5"
  • Response cards are 4.9"x3.5".Response envelopes are slightly bigger than the response cards and are made from 100-pound stock.

We recommend mailing your invitation with only one insert, one response card and one response envelope. A full set will weigh less than 1 ounce, which keeps it within the lowest stamp rate - square cards typically require extra postage due to their shape being classified as "novelty" by the USPS. If you include any additional cards in your envelopes, we recommend that you check with your post office for pricing information to avoid any delays in delivering your cards to your recipients. 

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