What is fine printing?

Fine-printed cards are our traditional, formal stationery options.  We offer three different types of fine printing processes, all through Crane & Co.  As you browse through the collection, you will be able to choose designs that are either produced through Engraving, Thermography or Letterpress. Print method availability for each design will be listed in the template preview, prior to customization (check out this screenshot to see where that information is listed).

  • Engraving is the standard for high-end, formal stationery. Once a custom etched plate is made, the paper is pressed firmly against the inked plate to produce raised text with a matte finish and the gentle “bruise” on the back of the card that gives engraved stationery its distinctive look.
  • Thermography, sometimes referred to as “imitation engraving,” is an alternative that lacks the distinctive “bruise” on the back of engraved cards. In thermography, embossing powder is added to the printing ink and then heated to create in raised text with a slight sheen.

Both print processes are available on Crane & Co.’s elegant Kid Finish paper, the world’s best-selling 100% cotton-fiber paper in Pearl White, Ecru and Beach Glass colors.

  • Letterpress involves a custom relief plate which is inked and pressed into the paper, resulting a card that is expressively tactile.

This print process is available on Crane & Co.’s 100% cotton Lettra paper—soft and luxurious to the touch with a distinct, extra-bulky finish—was specially developed to showcase this timeless technique, and is also available in Pearl White and Ecru.

Production for your custom fine-printed card order requires 7 business days and cannot be rushed.  Fine print cards with hand-painted borders will take 14 business days to produce, and cannot be rushed.

NOTE:  Fine printed cards cannot be created on our iOS app.


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