Photo cards

The kind of image you upload to your PAPER card will make a big difference in the product you receive.  Below you'll find some tips for ordering photo cards, but don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions prior to placing an order.


Photo dimensions and resolution

  • To avoid blurriness on photos, we recommend a photo size of 1200 pixels by 1200 pixels and a high resolution of 300 DPI. Some photo cards (full page and custom design cards) may require specific sizes. See more about those here.
  • This is important on any photo cards that take up all of more than 50% of the card. (Example: Portrait Outline, Triangles Splitscreen)
  • For cards that have smaller photo frames, the resolution and size is not as strict, since the image is not as blown up as the larger ones. (Example:Whitework, Booth)

Brightness and color

  • Please use photos that are clear and bright. If there are strong shadows or redness on faces/skin, we recommend that you use a lighter photo, or to brighten the original image before uploading to the site. Contact our Personal Design Services specialists to retouch any photos or for advice.
  • Please be especially mindful of the coloring and shadows on baby photos. While babies have great rosy cheeks, sometimes their coloring can oversaturate the image.

Photo filters

  • Our Customize page allows you to add or remove photo filters - you can do this after uploading your image and clicking into the "Edit Photo" menu that appears to the left of the card image.  To see an example of the photo filter view, click here
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