I’m getting an error when I try to use my promo code.

There are a few reasons why a promo code may not apply to your order:

The promo code is not entered correctly.

  • Codes are not case-sensitive, but please make sure you’re entering them exactly as shown in the promotion information

The promo code has expired.

  • Check the promo terms to see if the code you're trying to enter has expired

The promo code is not applicable to the item(s) you have in your cart.

  • Codes may be specific to product items - for example, some codes are only applicable to coin purchases only, or to fine print PAPER but not flat print.  Check the promo terms to see if your purchase is eligible.

The code has already been used on this account.

  • Codes are usually limited to one user per account, unless stated otherwise in the terms
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