Matching colors

We know that having matching or complementary card elements is important to you, and we have some recommendations to make sure you receive the product you expect and that there are no surprises! Below you'll find recommendations for choosing matching colors, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions prior to placing an order.

Card design and envelope liners

  • All of our PAPER cards have a suggested envelope liner when you open up the Customize page. These liners are meant to match your card design or color and are recommended by our in-house design team. If you decide to change the liner from the suggested, the best thing to do is choose a liner from the same designer as the card. To see how you can view the card designer while browsing, click here. To see how you can search for a designer within the liner selection in the Design tool, click here.

Card design and font colors

  • You can check the name of the font color in the color picker, see here. The color palette only shows the colors that will work well with the card design, so the selection may be different from one design to another.
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