Coins & pricing

What are Coins?

Coins are the currency we use on Paperless Post to price our premium design options. We have many cards that are free to send, while other cards cost 1 to 3 coins to send. In addition to premium card designs, we also have premium add-on's, including envelopes, liners, stamps, postmarks, logos, and backdrops, all of which require coins. As you go through the customization flow the current cost of your card per recipient will appear at the top right corner of the page. Coins are not transferrable, and won't expire if your account continues to remain active. 

How much do Coins cost?

Coin packages start at 20 coins for $6 and go up to 5,000 coins for $325. You can see all coin packages here.

How many Coins will I need?

The total cost of an online card will depend on what premium content you use and the number recipient email addresses you are sending your card to. It can range from 0 to 13+ coins per guest, depending on the selections you make. After you create your recipient list, you'll see your total cost (that is, coins per recipient x number of recipients). 

Can I send for free? To how many guests can I send a free card?

We have many designs that are completely free, if sent without any premium options added. Here are the direct links to free invitations and free cards. You can send a free card to up 2,000 email addresses. 

When do I buy Coins?

Before you send you can purchase coin packages here or you'll be prompted to purchase coins on the delivery page, if you don't have enough already in your account, after designing your card and creating your recipient list.

Do I have to pay to remove ads?

Paperless Post never shows third-party ads on our website, in our emails, or on our mobile app. Therefore, you do not have to use additional coins to remove ads. 


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