Coins Basics 101

What are Coins?

Coins are the currency used on the site for you to choose which premium content you'd like to pay for.  We have hundreds of card designs that are completely free to send, and hundreds that cost Coins.  Additionally, adding premium elements to free or paid cards will add a coin cost to your mailing.  Premium options include: envelopes, liners, stamps, logos, and backdrops.  The current cost of your card per recipient will always appear at the top right corner of your Customize page when you're creating your card.

How much does a Coin cost?

Coins do not have an individual value and are sold in packages, so there's no consistent cost-per-coin breakdown. When you're logged into your account, you can find a breakdown of coin costs by hovering over your name at the top right corner of the homepage and choosing "buy coins" when the menu appears.

How many Coins do I need?

The number of Coins you need depends on your card design, premium options, and number of recipients. Your Customize page will always show you the current cost of your card per recipient, but once you create your recipient list you will see a total cost listed at the bottom of the Add Recipients page.  If you need to purchase coins in order to send, you'll be prompted to do so when you try to click "Send."

When do I buy Coins?

We recommend waiting until after you have finalized your design and created your recipient list on the Add Guests/Recipients page to buy Coins. This will be the most accurate way to anticipate the number of Coins you will need. The total coin cost will be available at the bottom of the recipient list, and you'll be prompted to purchase an appropriate coin package, if necessary.

Can I send for free?

Yes. We have over 800 designs that are completely free when sent without premium options like envelopes and backdrops.  

Do I have to pay to remove ads?
Paperless Post never shows third-party ads on our website, in our emails, or on our mobile app!

How much does PAPER cost?

PAPER cards cannot be purchased with Coins. Our PAPER designs vary in price based on design, production method, and premium options.

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