What if my browser is not supported?


Paperless Post Supports the Following Browsers:

-Chrome (All Versions):

-Firefox (All Versions):

-Safari (Versions 7+):

-Internet Explorer (Versions 10+):


In order to create, edit or access your design page, you must use one of these supported browsers.  If you are using an unsupported browser, you will need to update it using one of the links above in order to continue working on your mailing.  All of these browsers are free to download.


If you can’t access a card you created previously:

If you began working on your mailing in one of the supported browsers and then try to open it again later in an unsupported browser, you will not be able to make any edits to your card.  You will either have to use one of the supported browsers or open your event later on a supported browser. Please contact the support team if you are unable to download or switch to a supported browser and need help updating a sent card.


Why am I seeing this error? Why can’t I continue without updating?

Many aspects of the Customize page do not function properly on unsupported browsers, and may cause you to unintentionally lose card elements, text, or formatting, or would not allow you to utilize all of the features currently available to modify your design. By updating your browser, you will have access to these features and will be able to accurately update your card.  

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