How do I upload my own design or custom artwork?

We have photo cards that can be used for your own custom artwork. You can add a JPEG image to your card by selecting a photo area and then selecting your file from the menu on the left. 

Here are the dimensions for our Upload Your Own cards -

Vertical / Tall:
Online: 908 pixels wide x 1,272 pixels tall
PAPER: 5”x7”, 300dpi

Online: 1,272 pixels wide x 908 pixels tall
PAPER: 7”x5”, 300dpi

Online: 1,200 pixels wide x 1,200 pixels tall
PAPER: 5.25”x5.25”, 300dpi

Details - tall:
Online: 726 pixels x 908 pixels
PAPER: 4.25”x5.25”, 300dpi

Details - horizontal:
Online: 908 pixels x 726 pixels
PAPER: 5.25”x4.25”, 300dpi

Response - tall:
Online: 758 pixels x 1,056 pixels
PAPER: 5.127”x3.75”, 300dpi

Response - horizontal:
Online: 1,056 pixels x 758 pixels
PAPER: 5.127”x3.75”, 300dpi

If you do not need want text over your image, before sending, remove the sample text "Edit or delete this text when you customize this design". If you do want to add personalized text, click into the text box and edit the same sample text.

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