Can I add a link to my card?

At this time, you will not be able to add a clickable link to your card design.  If the card you’re sending does not require RSVPs, we have a feature that allows you to enter your own link to direct your guests to another site.  To utilize this feature, navigate to the Customize page and use the arrow to the right of your card image to view your Reply Card, and choose “Reply Card Option,” from the menu on the left.


Next, choose “card with website link” from the Reply Card Options.  This will change the Reply Card to include a button (instead of an RSVP or comment card) that will direct recipients to your link.  You will set up additional link information on your Enter Details page.

If you need to collect RSVPs with your invitation, you can add the link and notes on the Enter Details page after you customize your card design.  Under "Event Page Settings," choose "additional options" then select "include additional information for your guests" and enter your link information in that field.

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