Setting up your card name & host name

Host name
You can add a Host name, which will appear on your event page. On a Greeting Card, Announcement, or Card with Website Link, the Add Recipients page will say "From". 
This also populates the "From" name in the email that's sent, which you can change this when you set up your recipient list.

If you have multiple host names, you can separate them in the "From/Host" field with an ampersand (&).  However, at this time you cannot add any other special characters, such as commas. Symbols and punctuation can be distorted in an email client if the characters are not parsed correctly, and have been disabled to protect the email we send. 

The following punctuation is not supported within the From/Host Field:
! @ # $ % ^ * ( ) + = [ ] \ ; , / { } | " : < > ? ~

Event name
This will appear on your event page, and in any messages you send to your recipients. 
This populates the Subject line for the email that's sent, but you can edit the subject as you're setting up your recipient list.
Email Subject
You can change the “Subject” of the email that your recipients receive at the top of the Add Guests/Recipients page. You can preview how your recipients will see it by choosing "Send me a free test" at the bottom of your recipient list.
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