Is Paperless Post Free? Can I send my card for free?

We have many designs that are free, if sent without any premium options added. You can send a free card to up 2,000 email addresses.

When you’re browsing card designs, look for the "Free" filter on the left hand side of the page, or above the first card result. The pricing of each card is also listed once you click into its thumbnail. If the card is free to send, it will say "Starting at Free." 

Here are our current selection of free invitations and free cards. You will need to remove Premium defaults (like envelopes or backdrops) from your Customize page once you get started, in order to send your invite for free.

Another free option is our new Flyer product, which is in beta this year. Flyer lets you share your event via social media, SMS, email, or anywhere you can paste a link!

If you have any additional questions about pricing, if you need fewer than 25 coins, or if you need help removing premium options, please contact us. 

For more information: 

I thought my card was free. Why am I being asked to buy Coins?

Coins & Pricing

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