Can I add a co-host to my event?

If your card is an "Invitation requesting RSVPs", you can add a co-host to your event after you send it. This allows your co-host to see a view-only version of your Tracking page.

*First, your co-host will need a Paperless Post account before you can add them!

Then you can add a co-host by:

  1. On your Tracking page, go to the “Guest List Options” menu at the top right of the guest list.
  2. Click “Add cohosts”
  3. Enter the email address of the co-host

This will send the co-host an e-mail notification for verification. Once they verify through the e-mailed link, they will see the co-hosted invitation in their Post Box under Co-hosted.


How many co-hosts can I have?

You can add up to 5 co-hosts to your invitation.


Can co-hosts send to more guests or follow up?

Co-hosts can access a view-only version of your event’s Tracking page.  This means that they cannot add additional recipients, send follow up messages, change guest statuses, or view any messages sent between the account holder and the guests/recipients.  However, your co-hosts will be able to export and print the guest list.

If you need your co-host to be able to access additional options, you will need to share your login information with them or add their email address to your account.


Can I revoke co-hosting access from one of my co-hosts?

Removing a co-host from your Tracking page will revoke their access to your event information.  To do this:

  1. Go to the “Guest List Options” menu at the top right of the guest list
  2. Click “Add cohosts”
  3. Click the “x” that appears to the right of the co-host you want to remove

When you remove a co-host, they will no longer have any access to your Tracking page and the event will be removed from the Co-hosted section of their Post Box.


Why can’t I add a co-host?

You can only add a co-host to an invitation requesting RSVPs.  Co-hosts require a verified Paperless Post account before you can add them.  Co-hosting is not currently available for Save the Dates, Announcements, Greetings, or Linkaway cards.


I’m a co-host, how can I access the event I’m co-hosting?

In order to access the event’s Tracking page, you have to have a Paperless Post account and your email address must be confirmed.  To access events that you’re co-hosting:

  1. Log in to your Paperless Post account.
  2. Hover over your name at the top right corner of the homepage and choose Post Box when the menu appears.
  3. From the tabs on the left, go to the Co-hosted tab of your Post Box.
  4. Find your event in the Co-hosted tab and click “Track.”

Please note that you can only access events as a co-host from a desktop browser; you will not be able to access them from the iOS app.

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