I would like to stop receiving Paperless Post emails from a specific sender

If you’d like to block mailings from a specific sender, click the “Block this person” link at the bottom of the invitation or card you received:


Clicking "Block this person" will redirect you to our unsubscribe form, your email address and the sender's email address will populate automatically in the required fields.


Alternatively, you can unsubscribe on the site following the instructions below:

  1. Please go to
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Enter the sender’s email address*
  4. Click “I don't want to receive any more emails from this sender”
  5. Click Submit

The form looks like this:



*all cards sent through Paperless Post are sent from the address, but you can view the individual sender's email address by clicking "reply" on the email you receive.  Enter that address into the unsubscribe modal to stop receiving emails from that sender.

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