Exporting the tracking page

If you'd like to export your guest list to edit or sort your recipients, you can do so from your Tracking page:

  1. Hover over your name at the top right corner of the homepage and choose "Post Box" when the menu appears
  2. Find your sent card and click "Track"
  3. On your Tracking page, click on the "Guest list options" dropdown menu, located to the top right of your guest list
  4. From here, you can Print or Export your list to a .CSV file depending on your needs.

The Print option will allow you to access a printable copy of the list, but you will not be able to sort or edit it first. The Export option will download a .csv spreadsheet to your browser’s default Downloads folder.  

If you have multiple events, there isn't a way to merge the Tracking pages on our site, unfortunately, but you can use the Export option above to combine the lists, or send your card to more recipients

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