How do I cancel an event after I have sent my invitation?

We don’t have a way to “un-send” an invitation or delete an event completely, but you can “cancel” it. Follow the steps below:

  1. Hover over your name at the top right corner of the homepage and choose Post Box when the menu appears
  2. Find your card in Sent and Scheduled, and hover over the “Manage” menu to the right of the card image
  3. Click “Edit the Design” then at the prompt choose “Edit the Card I’ve sent”
  4. Change the text on the card to reflect the cancellation such as “The event has been cancelled.” Click through to save, and the card will update automatically for anyone who views it from now on.
  5. Navigate to the Tracking page
  6. Click “Follow Up” on the left, then choose “Follow up with your guests” from the drop down menu:

  1. Pick all the statuses to inform your guests about the change, and also cancel any reminders if you had any set.
  2. After this, go back to your Customize page and navigate to the Reply card.
  3. Click “Reply Card Options” and change your card type to Announcement, and it will remove the ability for any new RSVPS to come in.
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