How do I delete or add an envelope or envelope liner?

It's no problem to remove an envelope from any of our designs. 

To remove an envelope, follow these steps:

When you're working from a computer, you can remove your envelope from your Customize page. You will need to be looking at the envelope to be able to see the option to delete it. Once viewing the envelope, open the “Other options” dropdown from the left-side menu and choose “Delete This Envelope” at the bottom. Your changes will save automatically.

When you're working on the mobile web, you will see a button to "Remove envelope" directly below the envelope. 

To remove (or add) an envelope liner:

When you're working from a computer, navigate to the open envelope on your Customize page by using the arrow to the right of your card. Click the Liner button in the menu on the left, or click directly on the liner in the design. This will open the liner options in the left-side menu. You can remove the liner by clicking Remove liner at the bottom of the menu.

To add or change the liner, you can scroll to browse liners or click into the search box at the top of the menu to search categories or keywords.

If you'd like to re-add an envelope: 

When you're working from a computer, click the Other options dropdown from the left-side menu and choose + Envelope to add an envelope.  There currently is not an option to add the envelope back to a draft when working on the mobile web. 

If you are working in the app, please see: (iOS) How do I delete an envelope?

Still need help removing an envelope? Or want to upload your image as an envelope liner? Reach out to us for help!


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