What are Coins?

Coins are the currency that we use on the site for you to pick and choose which Premium options you want to add to your online mailing. Premium options, outside of the main or insert card designs, include the following:

You can add or remove any of these options on your Customize page.  You can find the instructions for adding or removing premium options by using the links above to access their specific Help Center articles.

The total cost of an online card will depend on the card that you create and how many recipients you are sending your card to. You will purchase the appropriate package of Coins for your mailing and we suggest a package to you when you're ready to send. 

You will see a cost in the upper right hand corner if your card requires Coins.

To give an example, if you create something that requires 2 Coins per recipient because you have an Envelope and Liner, and are sending to 100 recipients, you need 200 Coins, which is $28.

You can always choose not to use any premium content to send for free, up to 2,000 recipients per card.

It is best to start working on your card to see how many Coins you would need per recipient, to get a better idea of the cost.

See also: What is the cost of a Coin?

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