Can I copy and paste a list of emails into my Add Guests delivery page?

You can copy and paste a list of names and emails to create your guest list for sending.  On your Add Guests page, click on the 'Paste a List' link to get started.

Before reading the instructions ahead, please note that non-English characters and symbols cannot be used in contact names. The following is a list of the supported characters: English letters A-Z & numbers, underscore ( _ ), space, period (.), ampersand (&), apostrophe ( ' ), hyphen ( - ), comma ( , ).

When you're ready to paste your list, you will have two options for bulk adding:

Option 1: Names and Emails in a list separated by semicolonsskitch-146.png

Option 2: Names and Emails in a list separated by line breaksskitch-145.png

After you add your guests with either of these options, your Add Guests delivery page should look like this:



See also: Can I upload a spreadsheet of contacts to create my guest list?

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