Can I copy and paste a list of emails into my Add Guests delivery page?

You can copy and paste a list of names and emails to create your guest list for sending!

On your Add Guests delivery page, click on the Email List link to get started.

Here is some information about our available formats that are acceptable:

NOTE: Non-English Characters and symbols cannot be used in contact names. The following is a list of supported characters: English letters A-Z & Numbers, underscore ( _ ), space, period (.), ampersand (&), apostrophe ( ' ), hyphen ( - ), comma ( , ).


Option 1: Names and Emails in a list separated by semicolonsskitch-146.png


Option 2: Names and Emails in a list separated by linebreaksskitch-145.png


After you add your guests with either of these options, your Add Guests delivery page should look like this:



See also: Can I upload a spreadsheet of contacts to create my guest list?

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