I thought my card was free. Why am I being asked to buy Coins?

You can see if your card design includes Premium options on your Customize page.  Envelopes, Envelope Liners, Logos, Custom Stamps, Backdrops, and many of our card designs will require Coins to send.  You will see a dropdown menu with pricing information at the top right corner of the Customize page.

If you do not see pricing information, your card is free to send.  You can remove envelopes, envelope liners, inserts, and backdrops

Free cards can be sent to up to 2,000 recipients.  If you need to send to additional recipients, you will have two options: you can either add a Premium option to your card so that it costs coins (this will raise the sending limit to 15,000) to send and is no longer free, or you can make a Clone copy of the card and split your recipient list up into smaller, 2,000-guest lists.

If you have questions about your card’s pricing, contact us!

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