I thought my card was free. Why am I being asked to buy Coins?

Coins are the currency that we use on the site for Premium design options like envelope liners and card inserts. The Coin price per recipient is based on the design, and Coin packages can be purchased when you are ready to send. 

Many cards are free to send if no premium options have been added and the primary card is priced at 0 coins. Here are our current selection of free invitations and free cards

To view the cost for your design, click on the coin price total in the top right corner of the Customize or Details page (ie: "2 Coins per recipient" in the example below). This will reveal a dropdown list of each element and the associated cost per recipient: 


Envelopes, Envelope Liners, Custom Stamps, and Backdrops all cost at least 1 Coin and can be removed. For information about removing these:

Another free option is open sharing through Flyer. Flyer lets you share a public link to your event via social media, SMS, your own email, or anywhere you can paste a link! Sharing the link to your Flyer is free at this time.

If you have any additional questions about pricing, if you need fewer than 25 coins, or need help removing premium options, please contact us.

For more information: 

Coins & Pricing

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