Can I preview my card before I send it to my recipients?

You can preview your card in two ways:

  1. On the Enter Details page (when applicable) there's an option to preview at the top and bottom corners of the page - this will allow you to see how your card images and event page will look!
  2. On the Add Guests/Recipients page, there's both an option to preview your card, and an option to send yourself a free test.  The free test will allow you to see how the email your recipients get will appear, as well as how the event page will look.

The way your card and event page appear in your previews is exactly how it will appear for your recipients (except for the envelope formatting).  Please note that we do not currently have a way for you to preview your recipient names in card previews, but your recipient names will appear exactly how you enter them into the Add Guests/Recipients page.

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