Updating incorrect, bounced, or unsubscribed emails

Updating incorrect emails

For any recipients whose email was incorrect and did not bounce, you will need to add their updated email address to your Add Guests/Recipients page and send out a new card.

If your card costs coins, reach out to us with the number of emails you need to resend, and we can add coins to your account. 


Resending bounced emails

If an email has bounced and you have another email for the same recipient or need to fix a typo, you can resend the card directly from the Tracking page. 


  1. Find the guest in your guest list on the Tracking page and click on their name to open a panel on the right
  2. There will be an "Email Address" field that you can click into and update, once you update the address, the "Resend" button will light up
  3. Click "Resend" at the bottom of the panel to send your card to the updated address

If the email address is correct but bounced back anyway (usually due to security or network settings), you can send a direct link to the card, or have the card sent to the primary email on your account for you to forward from this panel as well. 


Resending to unsubscribed emails

If a recipient is unsubscribed, it means they have chosen to opt out of our mailings, or have marked us as spam. However, you can still send this recipient a card from your own email address:

  1. On your Tracking page, click on the "Unsubscribed" recipient.
  2. The "Guest Information" panel will open to the right. From here, choose to send yourself the card and then forward it to the recipient from your own email account.

You can also let anyone who is "Unsubscribed" know that you are unable to send them a card. If they want to be resubscribed, they can do so in their Account Settings if they have a Paperless Post account, or they can send us a request to asking to be resubscribed. We are unable to resubscribe anyone without their explicit permission to do so.


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