Can I upload a spreadsheet of contacts to create my list?

You can upload a spreadsheet as a .csv file with two columns. You can download the template here.

To upload:

1. Navigate to the Add Guests/Recipients page of your mailing (from the Drafts folder of your Post Box).
2. Click on the "address book, file (csv, vsf), list" link and choose "Upload a file"
3. Click "choose file" and navigate to where you saved your .csv file and click "upload file." The contacts will upload to your Delivery page and any duplicates or invalid contacts will remain in the modal, so you can edit and add them to your list.

Read below if you need help creating or formatting your spreadsheet:

This template can be opened and edited using Microsoft Excel. You may type or paste your contacts into the template, or you may just reformat an existing spreadsheet based on the template or instructions below.

There should only be two columns in your spreadsheet, with the headers:

The spreadsheet must be saved with the extension ".csv" (.txt, .xls, and .xlsx will not work).

You can do this in Excel by going to File>Save As and selecting CSV, Comma Separated Values, or Comma Delimited from the "Format" drop-down menu:

If you need any assistance, reach out to! You can attach your list and we're happy to take a look. 

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