How do I import contacts from webmail (Gmail, Yahoo! and AOL) to my Address Book?

If you have a Gmail, Yahoo! or AOL account, you can bring your contacts over to your Paperless Post Address Book.

In your Address Book, click Import Contacts, then click Import from Webmail. Choose the provider, enter your password if necessary, then follow the prompts for access to your contacts.


If you’re having trouble uploading your contacts from Gmail, AOL or Yahoo!, your email provider may be experiencing some issues.  Because of this, our attempts to connect with their servers may be unsuccessful at times.

To bypass this issue, you can also export your contacts into a .csv file and upload them to Paperless Post from the 'Upload a File' tab.

Here are instructions for how to do this for: GMAILYahoo! & AOL Mail.

You can then check here how to format and upload your spreadsheet correctly.


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