Designing in multiple languages

At this time, our cards do not support most non-english characters.  Some fonts will support certain accented letters (e.g. é, ü, etc.) if they're copied and pasted into the card. 

If you need to have another language placed on your card, or are having trouble adding a special character, you can reach out to us and we can help. In your request please:

1. Finalize the text on your design, as you will not be able to edit it on your own once the characters are placed.

2. Send us a link to your final draft.

3. Send us an editable word document with the text you would like us to include, along with instructions as to where the text should be placed.

Upon your reply, we will pass your request along to our Personal Design Services team to confirm the turnaround time for this custom placement - typically 1-2 business days.

While we are happy to help update your card, we do not have flexibility to change the language on our site in the response areas or event page. The only areas that support another language are on the card itself.

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