Some "Sent" recipients haven't received their card

If you have a recipient who hasn't received their card but they're listed as "Sent" on your Tracking page, that means the card was successfully sent from our servers and was accepted by that recipient's server.  It's possible that the email was filtered to a folder outside of their inbox, or to their spam folder. 

We have contractual agreements with major ISPs such as Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, etc., and monitor these domains daily. We also automatically resend any unopened emails after 2-3 days and also have follow up tools on the Tracking page to help you maximize your delivery and response rates, regardless of individual spam or security settings that may exist.

You can resend your card to someone from your Tracking page. 

  1. On your Tracking page, click on the recipient to open a guest panel on the right
  2. There are two options:
    • You can copy the personal link to the card and send it to your recipient
    • You can click "Send me this card/invitation" to have their personalized card sent to the primary email on your account for you to then forward to them

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