Setting up the number invited

You have the option to allow your guests to RSVP for up to 10 additional guests. 

If you choose to set this up, when your guests reply with the total attending in their party, they will see this message that asks them to select the number of additional guests. The additional guests number excludes the recipient of the invitation. 


Changing the number invited after creating your guest list

If you have access to your account from a computer, you can change the number invited per invitation after you've added recipients to your unsent list, or after you've sent your card. From your tracking page you can click each guest in your list and update the number invited individually. 

At this time we don't have a way for you to update the Total Invited for your full guest list after creating your list, but reach out to us and we can help!


Setting up the number invited before creating your guest list

To allow guests to RSVP with a number to account for additional guests:

• On the Enter Details page, set a default additional guest number. You can set this number to one that applies to the majority of your guests. This setting is available below the "Event Page Settings" section by clicking the "Additional Options" menu. You can then click "Allow guests to bring additional guests" and enter the number of people you'd like each person to be able to bring.

• As you're creating your guest list, click on any guest you'd like to change the number invited. In the menu that opens, you can change the total invited number. Clicking away from the number will save it automatically.



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