How many recipients can I send my card to?

Any card that is free to send can be sent to up to 2,000 recipients. A card that has premium options added can be sent to a maximum of 15,000 recipients.

(Once you have reached either of these limits, removing recipients from your Tracking page will not allow you to send to additional addresses on the same event.)

If you need to send your free card to more than 2,000 recipients you have two options:

  1. You can split up your guest list and send multiple cards by cloning the card. You can find instructions on how to make clones of your card here.
  2. You can add a Premium option to your card (like an envelope, backdrop, or logo) so that your card costs coins. This will raise your sending limit to 15,000. This also means that your card will no longer be free to send.

Please note that it’s free to share event details with all guests directly using Flyer while in Beta this year. If you have any additional questions about card pricing or sending limits, please contact us!

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