Pre-addressed envelopes

Don’t stress about having to handwrite all those envelopes. For orders of ten or more flat-printed or foil-stamped cards, we can print your recipients’ addresses in black ink on each of your envelopes, free of charge! 

To get started, complete our Envelope Addressing Template or, should you have mailing addresses saved in your Paperless Post Address Book, simply export and use that file as it is.

You'll format your address design during the customize process, and add your addresses when you place your order. 


  • The turnaround for production is approximately 3-4 business days. Your order will be shipped to you via the option that you choose when you check out. We're not able to process these orders with rush production. 


  • The addresses are printed in black ink, in the style you choose as you're customizing your design.

  • When you reach the outer envelope as you’re customizing your design, you’ll have the option to add Recipient Addresses to your order. You can begin by selecting one of the styles from the menu on the left. You’ll add your address list in the next step.

  • Enter your recipient names and addresses into the template file. Fill them out exactly as you want them printed on your envelopes. We don’t have a way of double checking the addresses, so please look over your spreadsheet to make sure everything is correct before uploading your file.
  • Save the completed template file in .csv, .xlsx, .xls, or .xlt format

  • Upload your file to the Order page.

  • Add your order to your cart and complete checkout.

  • Your order will be sent directly to our printer, so you will not see a proof of the addresses. 

  • If there are issues with your file, our design specialists will reach out to you via the primary email address on your account.


To ensure your address file imports properly:

  • Use the template provided on our site or your mailing addresses exported from your Address Book. Any other format will result in errors.

  • Do not change the column headers, or the number of columns in the template provided. Making changes to the template file will result in errors.

  • The file format must be .csv, .xlsx, .xls, or .xlt

  • Do not to add multiple lines of information within one cell in the file.


Already have recipient addresses in your Paperless Post Address Book?

If you've collected mailing addresses using our site, the list can be exported by clicking this button on the top-right corner of the address book:

Simply upload this file as it is or copy and paste the addresses you want into our address template and save as a ..csv, .xlsx, .xls, or .xlt file.

Note: When uploading contacts in your Address Book, you can add files containing your contact name and email, but not their mailing addresses - Mailing addresses must be added individually and can be exported as your recipient addressing file if you have a list already started in your Address Book. 


Already have an existing spreadsheet, but not in our format?

  • You can easily copy information from your spreadsheet and paste it directly into our template. 

  • Every column in our template represents a separate line of text in the address. 

  • Keep in mind that you won't be able to upload a file that isn't in the same format as our template.

Want extra envelopes without recipient addresses printed on the front?

Not sure if you'll have last-minute guest additions? You can order a larger quantity of envelopes than the number of addresses, and we'll send you the difference with the rest of your order. 


  • We are not able to mail any orders directly to your recipients from our printers at this time.

  • This service is available on quantities of 10 or more flat or foil printed cards. We're in the beginning stages of offering digital printed recipient addressing on fine printed orders (letterpress, thermography, engraving). Please reach out to us for pricing, turnaround, and other details. 

  • We do not check your addresses or provide a proof of the envelope addresses. Please check your file before uploading! 

Need help?

Reach out to our Personal Design Services team for assistance. 


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