Can I add guests without sending them an invitation?

If you've sent an invitation that collects RSVPs, you can manually add a guest to the Tracking page of your invitation without sending an email. This option is available from our desktop site - once you've logged into your account from a computer:

  1. Open the "Guest List Options" menu on your Tracking page - located at the top right of your guest list - and choose "Add Without Sending."  
  2. You will need to enter a name and email address, but manually adding a guest will not send the invitation to this guest. If you don't have an email address, you can enter a fake email address as a placeholder.

From there, you can manually change their status to Attending / Regrets by clicking their name and email address, which will bring up the "Guest Information" window. You can change their status, and then click the save option to complete this update.

Once an "Added" guest has been updated to "attending" or "regrets" they will be able to receive any follow up messages that you send to that status group at the email address you provided.


If you've used the "Add Without Sending" feature by accident, please reach out to us and we can help you send to your guests ASAP. 


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