Adding your event details

After customizing your card design, you'll enter your details to create your event page. Here's a sample of what your guests could see. 

You'll be able to include:

Host name
You can add a Host name, which will appear on your event page. On a Greeting Card, Announcement, or Card with Website Link, the Add Recipients page will say "From". 
This also populates the "From" name in the email that's sent, which you can change this when you set up your recipient list.
Event name
This will appear on your event page, and in any messages you send to your recipients. 
This populates the Subject line for the email that's sent, but you can edit the subject as you're setting up your recipient list.
Location and map
Enter the address and venue name here - the address integrates with Google Maps to provide directions to your guests. You can turn the map off by unchecking the box next to "Display map".
If you have trouble with the map display, you can click "Reset address" and try entering the address first, followed by the venue name. You can also double check the address in Google Maps, and copy it into your event details. 
Date & Time
Your guests will have the option to save your event to their Google, Outlook, Apple iCal, and Yahoo Calendars. By default, your time zone will be set to where you're located, but you can click  "Timezone" to change it.
Show guest list
You have the option to make your guest list public or private on your Invitation or Save the Date. For more information, see Guest list privacy settings
Add a Comment Wall
You have the option to add a comment wall to an Invitation or Save the Date. This allows your guests to post comments, pictures, and gifs for other guests to see. For more information, see Comment Wall settings
Add a gift registry
You have the option to add links to multiple gift registries.
Include your phone number
You can add a phone number, which will appear under the Host Name, to give your guests the option to call you.
Add additional Rsvp question
If you have an additional RSVP question, it will appear automatically after your guest RSVPs. Any guest who doesn’t answer this question will be prompted to answer it the next time they view your card. For more information, see Adding an Rsvp question
Ask guests for their mailing addresses
This will ask your guests for their mailing addresses after they confirm they will be attending your event. For more information, see Collecting mailing addresses
Include additional information for your guests
You can write a short note to be displayed at the bottom of your event page. 
Allow guests to bring additional guests
You can set a default number for the total invited per invitation here. You'll be able to change this number for each individual invitation when you set up your guest list. 
For more information, see Setting up the number invited
Set a maximum capacity
You can set up a limit for the total number of RSVPs that you can accept for your event. This option is useful if your event has limited space, or if you need to stop accepting new RSVPs by a certain date. For more information, see Closing Rsvps



Click "Save" to save your changes, and you can Preview your card to see how everything looks! 



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