New Enter Details Page 3/30/16

We're excited to announce our Details page redesign!  The Enter Details page is now broken into two clear sections:  Event Information and Event Page Settings


Event Information

For RSVP events you will be required to enter the name of your event's host (which will also display as the sender name and the reply to name throughout your card), an event name, the location, date and time of your event.  This will display for your guests when they view your invitation but will not update the content on the actual card design (you can do that on the Customize page).  This information will also allow your recipients to add the event to their calendars.  


Event Page Settings

Your Event Page Settings now appear with toggle options instead of checkboxes.  You are not required to turn any of the features on.  The "Total invited per invitation" option now appears by toggling the "Allow guests to bring additional guests" option on.

Any features listed below the blue "additional options" link will be hidden until you open that menu by clicking on it.

You can Preview your card by clicking the "preview" link at either the top or the bottom of this page - but be sure to save all of your changes first!  After you close your preview, you will return to this page.

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