What do the Statuses on my Tracking Page Mean?

When you send a card through Paperless Post, you have the ability to see when your recipients receive, view, and reply to your mailing on your Tracking page by checking your recipient statuses.  RSVP events will progress from Sending > Sent > Opened > Attending > Regrets, and all other event types will progress from Sending > Sent > Opened. Here's a breakdown of what each of those statuses mean:

Sending: Your card has left our sending servers and we are waiting for a response from the recipients server.  Statuses are updated each time the Tracking page is refreshed, so if you see anyone stuck in this status for more than an hour, you should reach out to our Support team for assistance.

Sent: Your card has been accepted by the recipients' server but has not yet been viewed.  If you have any recipients who haven't opened their cards after 72 hours, we'll re-send to them automatically.  This only happens once per event, and only to recipients who haven't viewed their cards.

Opened: Your card has been viewed by your recipient, but they have not submitted an RSVP (if applicable).

Attending:  Your guest clicked "Will Attend" while viewing the invitation.

Regrets:  You guest clicked "Will Not Attend" while viewing the invitation.

Bounced: Your recipients' email address is either invalid or not accepting our emails at this time.  You can update the address by clicking on the recipient and entering a new address in the panel that appears on the right.  Some valid emails may bounce back due to high security settings (corporate, private, university, or work domains, for example).  Those domains may need to whitelist our address in order to receive cards through Paperless Post.

Unsubscribed: Your recipient has opted out of receiving any Paperless Post emails - you can let this recipient know they're listed as "Unsubscribed" and our Support team can help them opt back into receiving cards and invitations! Alternately, you can also send them a direct link to their card, or have it sent to you to forward by clicking on their name and opening the information panel on the right.

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