Viewing & managing your cards using the Post Box

The Post Box is where you will go to find all of your cards! It is broken down into several sections, or tabs:

Sent & Scheduled
This is where you find your mailings that have already been sent, as well as any events that have been successfully scheduled to send at a later date.

You can use the Action buttons to quickly access the Add Guests/Recipients page page to send to more recipients, as well as the Tracking page to see your recipients’ responses. You can use the Manage menu on the right to access more specific areas of the card.

This tab is further broken down into the following filters: Cards, Invitations, Save the Dates, Co-hosted, and Archived.

Here you’ll find all of the mailings you’ve received. You will only see mailings that have been sent to confirmed email addresses on your account.  If you are having trouble confirming your email addresses, reach out to the Support Team and let them know!

The Action options in your Received tab include “View” and “Reply” for any non-RSVP events, and for RSVP events that have not yet passed the actions will be “View and Change RSVP,” and for any RSVP events that have passed, the actions will be “View Photos and View Event.”


All of your Online drafts (unsent cards) will appear here. You can use the Action buttons to quickly reach the card’s Customize page to edit, make a clone, or move the Draft to the Trash. You can use the Manage menu to reach more specific parts of the card.

Any events (Drafts, Sent, Received) that have been moved to the Trash (via the option on the Manage Menu) will appear here. The Manage menu in the Trash tab allows for two actions: Move back, and Delete Permanently.

Events that have been permanently deleted can be restored from the event admin page by a Support team member, but will no longer be accessible by the user (until they are restored by an admin).

Manage Menus
These appear in each tab of the Post Box except for the PAPER tabs. The Manage menus allow you to choose which specific part of your mailing you want to navigate to. Options in each Manage menu are appropriate for the type of mailing: if you are looking at a received event you can use the menu to view the mailing, send a message to the host, archive and trash the event.

For Sent events, you can navigate through each step of the card (in order to make updates or otherwise change the Design or Details), you can clone from this menu and also trash or archive the event.

For Drafts, you can use the menu to navigate to the Customize, Details, Preview, or Send  page. You will not be able to access the Guests page of an unsent event from the Drafts tab of your Post Box.


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