Viewing & managing your cards using the Post Box

You can find all of your cards in your Post Box. Hover over your name in the top right corner of the home page and click "Post Box" to get there. 

Sent & Scheduled

Here you'll find your mailings that have already been sent, as well as any events that have been scheduled to send later. 

You can access the option to send to more recipients, view the tracking, and clone the card.  


This includes mailings that have been sent to the email addresses on your account. Here, you can view and reply to cards you've received. 


All of your Online drafts (unsent cards) will appear here. You can use the Action buttons to quickly reach the card’s Customize page to edit, make a clone, or move the Draft to the Trash. You can use the Manage menu to reach more specific parts of the card.

If you need to transfer a draft to someone else's account, reach out to our team with the name of or link to the draft, along with the account email, and we can help move a copy over! 


Any cards (Drafts, Sent, Received) that have been moved to the Trash will appear here. You can move cards back out of this folder, or delete them permanently from here. 

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