Your Dashboard

Your Dashboard is a combination of many of your account settings, post box, orders, and favorites!  Below is a breakdown of what you'll find when you visit your Dashboard:


Account Overview

At the top left corner of the Dashboard, you'll find a brief account overview.  From here, you can access your Post Box, your Address Book, and view your Coin Balance/buy additional coins.  You can also access your full Account Settings by clicking "edit" next to your name or email address.


When you're browsing cards, you have the opportunity to add designs to your favorites, so you can come back and look at them at any time without having to search through the entire collection.  Once they're saved, they'll appear here for you to pick through.  If you want to share your favorites list with your friends (or if you're collaborating on a project and want to show potential designs to others), hover over the red "Share" link to share the list with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or get a direct link to send.

Recently Added

You can use the arrows on either side of this section to browse our brand new card designs!

PAPER Orders

Your most recent orders will appear here, but you can see all of your past orders by clicking "Order History" at the top right of this section.  You can also view or track the order's shipment as needed.

Your Events

The upcoming events you're hosting and have been invited to will appear in this section.  You can access your Tracking page (if you're the host) and event info, or view the cards again.

Guests at Events You Have Attended

If you've attended events that have public guest lists, the guests who also attended these events (and the number of times you've been to events together) will appear here.  Only names will be displayed, no contact information.

Invite Friends

You can earn 5 free coins for each person you refer who signs up and confirms their account!  Use this section to share your personal referral link on social media or over email

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