Are all online card designs available in PAPER?

Many of our online cards are also available in print, but some of them aren’t!  If you’d like to send both online and printed cards, it’s best to do your search under our PAPER collection, here:  and convert the design to an online one when you are ready to do so.

If you have already started working on an online version, but want to order a PAPER version and are not sure whether or not it is available, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to your Post Box by hovering your name at the top right of the homepage and clicking ‘Post Box’.  Here, you will need to locate your card in the Drafts or Sent and Scheduled section, depending on the status of your event.
  2. To the right of the card, hover over the "Manage" drop down menu. If the card is available to print, you will see the option to “Order this card in PAPER”.

Please note that once you convert your online card to PAPER, the two versions will become separate and any changes you make on one will not be reflected on the other.

Many elements for online cards are not supported in PAPER - for example, we don't offer colored envelopes in PAPER, but you can customize that option for your online card.  If some of your online elements are missing and you are not sure why, the support team would be happy to help here.


(Are you on the App?  Click here for information about creating PAPER invites in our iOS app!)


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