Credit Card Processing Errors

If you're receiving an error while trying to add or process a credit card, it's likely that some of the information being entered is incorrect, or you are not authorized to make purchases through Paperless Post.  Before contacting our support team, double check your credit card information and try again - paying particular attention to the CVV (4 digits for AMEX and 3 digits for all major credit cards) and billing zip/postal code.

If you're using a credit card based outside of the United States, be sure to enter your postal code exactly as it's listed on your bank statements, including any capital letters or spaces.

After you've checked your credit card information, reach out to your bank and confirm that all of the information you're entering matches what they have on file.  

If you're still having trouble, you can reach out to the Paperless Post support team, and we can let you know why we're receiving an error.  However, for your protection we cannot process your credit card information over the phone.

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