How do I send personalized Thank You cards?

To personalize the message on a card for each recipient, rather than everyone receiving the same card (like a thank you card, for example), you will have to make one card per recipient. You can easily make copies of a design, so you can create many cards and personalize each one without having to start from scratch each time.

You can make a clone, which is an exact copy of the card in its current state, minus the guest list. Once the card has been cloned, the new draft will automatically be saved to the Drafts section of your Post Box. 

To clone your card:

  1. Hover over your name at the top right corner of the homepage and choose "Post Box" when the menu appears
  2. Find the card you want to clone (unsent cards will appear in the "Drafts" tab)
  3. Click the grey "Clone" button in the actions menu to the right of the card image

After you finish each card design, we highly recommend that you preview the card before you send it to your recipient - especially if you are creating and sending several cards consecutively.  Previewing the card is important because updating a card that has already been sent (as opposed to making a new copy) will cause previous recipients to see the most recent version of the card, instead of the message you initially intended for them.

If you decide to not personalize the card message individually for everyone, you can still personalize the envelopes with the recipient names. Any name you associate with the email address you’re sending to will populate on the envelope. This way you can still add a personal touch, even if the message viewed is the same for everyone receiving it.

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