How do I make a guestlist on Flyer?


Pasting a List

You can create a guest list of up to 500 email addresses if you wish to send your Flyer directly through Paperless Post. If you have a list of of guests that you want to add, select the Invite by Email button on your Manage page. From the Email page, click the Paste a List option. Recipients can either be separated by line breaks or commas, and the lists must be formatted like the following examples:

If adding a list separated by line breaks, format like the following example:


If adding a list separated by commas, email addresses must be enclosed with angle brackets <>, like the following example:



Adding contacts from my Paperless Post Address Book

If you start typing a name or email address on your 'Invite by Email' page, our site will populate a dropdown list of any matching contacts from your Paperless Post Address Book. You can select the matching contact from the dropdown if you wish to add them to your Flyer's guestlist.


If you have a guestlist already saved within your Paperless Post address book and wish to add the entire list, you can export a copy (steps below), and copy and paste the email addresses into the personal email draft.

To export a guestlist from your Paperless Post address book, you can export a spreadsheet of your entire Address Book by clicking on the CSV button in the upper right hand corner. Look for: Paperless_Post_-_Address_Book.png

A .csv spreadsheet will be downloaded to your browser’s default Downloads folder. You can then open the .csv in a spreadsheet program like Excel to copy the emails and paste them into your new draft. 

If you run into any trouble with this, please contact us so we can help!


Open Sharing

The Flyer page is designed to be shared by the host using personal email, SMS or messaging app, and/or social media. Select the Share button from your manage page, to open the sharing options:


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