Why is there no direct phone help?

We offer email support weekdays between 12PM and 6PM ET. Our goal is to respond to inquiries within 2 hours during business hours. Our team finds email is the best way to give all of our customers the quickest and best solutions – here’s why:

  • We are often able to fix issues by looking at the account email right away, rather than having you wait on hold.
  • Card creation is a visual process. Communicating online helps us to see the card text, card images, or guest list files that you need help with.

We realize that some situations require a call, and we are still here to help for those times. We offer scheduled phone support. When we schedule a call with you, that time is yours. We will not rush you, we will not be working on anything else, we will only be spending this time helping you. Please note in your initial email that you would prefer a phone call and the time(s) that work best on your side.

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