How to format a URL correctly

If you add a URL link but your guests are not able to access the page when they click on your hyperlink, we recommend testing your URL link by pasting the URL in a Private or Incognito browser window. If you cannot access the URL in the Private/Incognito browser, this likely means your guests cannot access this page either. When this occurs, there are a few things to check:

  • Have you published your page so that it is available to others? If so, have you copied the public URL link? Make sure you have copied the URL that is intended to share with others, instead of the one you use to edit your page (which is private to you).
  • Make sure to copy the URL link exactly (for example, some URLs must include www at the beginning in order to access the page).
  • Does the link have any unnecessary appendages at the end?

If you're not sure you have the right URL link, you can always reach out to the help center of your site or registry site so they can provide you with the best URL link for sharing with others.

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