Flyer Pricing

Flyers are free for you to customize and email to your first 50 guests through the Paperless Post Site. This distribution method allows you to track your guests interaction with the invitations (opens and bounces), and provides access to all event management tools for rsvp reminders and guest follow ups.

Flyers are also free for you to customize and distribute via shareable link through your personal SMS, email, ESP, or messaging apps (WhatsApp, Slack, etc.). Please note that because this distribution method is off the Paperless Post platform, we cannot track your guests' open or bounce statuses. Once your guests RSVP to your Flyer, Paperless Post will track attending and other event details on your Flyer Event Page
Paid options for Flyer
Flyer email invitations require payment for additional sends after 50. You can purchase bundles of 50 sends for $10.
You can send:
  • Up to 50 recipients for free
  • Up to 100 recipients for $10
  • Up to 150 recipients for $20
  • Up to 200 recipients for $30
There is no maximum sending limit for paid sending. These bundles apply only to the event they are purchased for, and cannot be applied for future events. Hosts will be prompted to purchase the appropriate bundle for their event before sending. 
In the future, Flyer will offer additional paid design elements that will be available for purchase separately from the sending bundles. 
If you have any questions about Flyer pricing, or if you purchased a coin package by mistake, please contact us.
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