Flyer Pricing

Free Flyers

Flyers are free for you to customize and email to your first 25 guests through the Paperless Post Site. This distribution method allows you to track your guests interaction with the invitations (opens and bounces), and access all the management tools on the Event Page.

Flyers are also free for you to customize and distribute via a Flyer link through your own means, including your personal SMS, email, ESP, or messaging apps (WhatsApp, Slack, etc.). Please note that because this distribution method is off the Paperless Post website and mobile app, we cannot track your guests' open or bounce statuses. Once your guests click on the Flyer link and RSVP, we will track their attending status on your Flyer event page.

Premium Flyers

Paid-For (or "Premium") Flyer invitations require payment for additional email sends after 25, as well as select premium content and event management features. When you choose these features you will be prompted to pay a fee with your credit card on the Site; the premium features apply only to the Flyer event you are customizing, and are not banked for future sends, verses Coin credits stored in your Paperless Post account. 

Premium Flyers features include:

  • Premium Distribution: fee for Flyer invites emailed to guests through the Site beyond the Free Flyer count;
  • **Coming soon** Premium Media + Event Page customization: fee for add-on premium design content and customization features.

How much does Premium Distributions cost?

$10 for each additional 50 Flyer invites sent to guest emails beyond the Free Flyers. Fee is paid prior to sending Flyers through Paperless Post Site and tracking on the Event Page.

When do I pay for Premium Distribution or Media Features?

You’ll be prompted to purchase Premium Flyer features before you send, or when attempting to add Premium features to an already live Flyer event. 

Can I use the Premium features I paid for on a later event too? 

Premium features (whether distribution or media) are non-transferable, and apply only to the unique Flyer event the feature was purchased for.

If you have any additional questions about Premium Flyer pricing, or if you need help removing premium options, please contact us.

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