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Understanding Pricing and Coins

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Design Page Help

Designing the card

Editing a sent card

Customizing the envelope and response card

Customizing with premium options

Understanding pricing

Setting the mailing type

Logo help

Design Page Troubleshooting

Details Page Help

Event details

Guest list settings

Additional options

Details Page Troubleshooting

Preview Page Help

Viewing the full preview

Sending a free test

Email layout preview

Printing the card image

Delivery Page Help

Email display (sender and subject line)

Delivery Page Troubleshooting

Creating your unsent mailing list

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List formatting and individual settings

Pricing and purchasing

Using your Address Book

Contact importing options

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Sending to your list

Tracking Page Help

Tracking Page Troubleshooting

Follow-up settings and tools

Guest statuses and information

Managing individual contacts

Spreadsheet export information

Co-hosting options

Account Help

Dashboard information

Account Troubleshooting

Account email and password help

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Email notifications

Address Book help

Post Box help

Payment and Billing Help

Purchase and Checkout Help

Order History and Credit Card help

Non-profits and charities (US only)

PAPER by Paperless Post Help

Postage and Shipping Help

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PAPER Troubleshooting

Flat-printing information

Fine-printing information

Turn around time help

Ordering PAPER cards

Paperless Post app

General App Information

Purchasing and Using Coins on the app

Managing Sent Cards

Creating and Editing Cards

Paperless Post Mobile Web

Post Box on Mobile Web

Managing Sent Cards and Events on Mobile Web

Receiver Side Experience and Features on Mobile Web

Troubleshooting on Mobile Web