What is Paperless Post Flyer?

We've made planning and sharing your next event even easier with Flyer. 

Share widely.
Use a shareable, open link to let your guests know about your event—text it, put it on social media, or send to your email list or WhatsApp group.
Share directly.
Send up to 500 individual emails through Paperless Post, and track which individuals you sent to.
Simple headcount.
As guests RSVP on your Flyer, you can keep track of your expected turnout. Plus, you can ask guests to distinguish between adult and kids in their RSVP. Something to note, Flyer has limited tracking compared to our traditional card product.

Unique designs.
Add GIFs, animated text, or your own image! Bold, straightforward designs make it easy to put together an event page filled with all the info your guests need.
Flyer is free to use.
Compare Flyer to cards below, or get started now with Flyer
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