Coins for sending Paperless Post Cards

What are Paperless Post Coins?

Coins are the currency we use on Paperless Post for sending premium (paid) invitations and greeting cards (“Premium Cards”). You can purchase Coins on the site. You will receive in your account for free 25 Coins when you register, and you may receive an additional 10 Coins if you download our iOS app, and 5 Coins for liking us on Facebook. Note Paperless Post also has approximately 1,000 free invitation and greeting cards for you to customize and send.

All Premium Cards are 2 Coins per recipient. In the design process you have the option of adding an envelope, envelope liner, backdrop, postmark and/or stamp (“Premium Customizations”) to any Premium or free card. Each Premium Customizations adds 1 Coin to the card. You also have the option to add a logo to any card for 3 Coins.

The total Coins needed to send to your guest list, is the total Coin price of your designed card multiplied by the number of recipients. Please note it's also possible to remove any or all Premium Customizations from any card to lower the final Coin price to send. As you are designing your card, you can keep track of the number of Coins necessary to send your card with the Coin calculator in the upper right hand corner of the page (and a drop down in mobile app.).

Depending on your final design, you will need to purchase a Coin package to allow you to send to your recipients. For example, if your design requires 5 Coins per invitation, and you are inviting 20 recipients, then you will need 100 Coins to send your cards.

How much do Coins cost?

Coins are sold in packages, and the price per Coin varies based on the size of the package. The price per Coin is included for your reference alongside each package. We offer 5 packages ranging from 25 Coins for $10 to 1,000 Coins for $100.

Coins can be purchased in USD, AUD, and GBP in the amounts below. If your local currency is not available, then prices shown will be in USD.







 Paid cards can be sent to a maximum of 15,000 guest emails per event. 

When do I buy Coins?

You can purchase Coins at any time from the Buy Coins page, here. However, we suggest waiting to purchase until your design and guest list are finalized. That way you can ensure you purchase the best package for your event needs. You will be prompted to buy Coins directly from your Add Guests page if needed before sending your event.

Can I use Coins later? 

Any unused Coins will remain in your account for you to use at a later time. Per our Terms of Service, Coins are non-refundable, non-transferrable, and unused Coins may be forfeited if your account is inactive for 5 years, under applicable U.S state escheat law.

If you have any additional questions about pricing, if you need fewer than 25 Coins, or if you need help removing premium options, please contact us.

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