Collecting mailing addresses

Collect your recipients’ mailing addresses online for the next time you are sending invitations by mail. You have a few options for this, depending on the type of card you’re sending.

OPTION 1 - If you’re sending an Announcement, Save the Date, or Greeting card, select this option on the Customize page of your design:

  1. Click through to the Reply Card element of your invite.
  2. From the menu on the left, click on Reply card option.
  3. Select Save the Date and enable the "Request mailing addresses" option:


This will prompt your recipients to enter their mailing addresses when they open your mailing.


OPTION 2 - If you’re sending an Invitation with RSVPs:

  1. Click through to the Enter Details page of your invite.
  2. Under "Additional options", enable the "Ask guests for their mailing address" option:

This will ask your guests for their mailing addresses after they confirm they will be attending your event.


OPTION 3 - You can also send an address collection card online that does just that.


Where do I find the collected addresses?

From your Tracking page:

  1. Click on the guest/recipient name to open up the Guest information panel to the right and view each person's mailing address information.
  2. If you'd like to export/print everyone's mailing address as a .csv spreadsheet file, go to the "Guest list option" drop down menu in the upper right corner and select either "Export list" or "Print list".

These addresses will also be saved in your Address Book under the Mailing Address column header. To export and download a .csv spreadsheet file for viewing/printing, click on the CSV button in the upper right corner.


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